Q. what is edchain?

A.  edChain is a global network for education and careers.  It uses blockchain and distributed web technologies to deliver educational content, even to those without broadband internet.  Please see our demo video for details.

Q. Where can I read the edChain whitepaper?

A. We are waiting for final sign-off from our lawyers before publishing it publicly.

Q. How is it possible to access material without broadband internet?

A.  Educational content is stored on the distributed network. Users can connect to an edChain node via LAN’s and Wifi connections to access content without connecting to the Internet.

Q. Is edChain available now?  Where can I download it?

A. Yes.  A prototype version is available for MacOS, Windows and Linux (Debian).  Download is available in our resources section.

Q. How many courses are currently on edChain?

A.  Approximately 2500 open-source courses are currently available on edChain

Q. What Licenses does edChain recommend?

A.  Unless instructed otherwise, content on edChain will be licensed by default under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.  This enables maximum dissemination and use of licensed materials and a pool of content that can be copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon, all within the boundaries of copyright law (*). For those who prefer a different license, some alternative CreativeCommons licenses are listed here:




Q. How does edChain work?

A.  edChain uses the IPFS protocol for network connectivity and IPLD for storage. Content meta tags ensure full attribution to the content creator while IPLD data model maintains flexibility for all data types which can be used for creating various components of a course. Initial course organization is handled through core descriptors from which can be adopted or replaced by course producers. Stellar will be used for smart contracts and payments.

 For more information, please see the technology and developer documentation in our resources section.


Token Sale

Q. For details on the Token sale including start dates, Token drops and more:

A. Stay tuned and join our telegram channel for updates (

Q. Do you require KYC and AML approvals?

A.  Yes.

Q. Can I refer friends to the token sale?

A. Stayed tuned and join our telegram channel for updates (

Q. Will there be and when will there be an airdrop?

A. Dates will be announced on our telegram channel (

Q. How can I earn edCoin?

A. Contribute to our community.  We’ll make announcements on our telegram channel when opportunities become available ( 

We expect that ways to earn will include: contribute educational content, store content, refer users, study, curate, translate, develop the platform, community management and more.  We expect to have a bonus system for early platform adopters.

Q. Can I participate in the token sale without creating an ethereum address?

A. We will announce ways to participate on our telegram channel for dates (

Q. What type of wallet should I use for EDCOIN?

A. We intend that MyEtherWallet (no download needed) and MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addition) can be used.