What is edChain?



Lower Cost

edChain provides a shared, repository for educators to publish content. No central servers are needed. Using encryption, content producers are provided full attribution and monetization across platforms and institutions. This increases revenues while reducing costs for students


Universal Access

edChain standardizes and unites information across platforms. Students gain access to best of breed courses independent of the providers that they use. Content can be accessed via peer-to-peer connectivity obviating a need for broadband access


Unlocking Value

Rather than rely on third parties, encryption enables content to stay connected to the educator providing a direct channel for attribution, analytics, and value. This allows educators to have more time to focus on creating the very best educational material and maximizing learning



The current global certification and grading systems lack uniformity. Moreover, multiple courses are offered on the very same topic without a standard across institutions. A shared approach will help create a system for global assessment while improving quality.  It will also help track continuing education and career path to incentivize professional development outside the traditional classroom.


Community Control

edChain is an open-source project with content and technology crowdsourced from the community. Community quality control ensures universal access to best of breed content so that students have access the highest quality materials.This makes educational material dynamic and relevant — never obsolete